Are You Living Life or Keeping Busy?

ID-10050967If you happen to see someone you haven’t seen in a while and you ask them what they are up to, I bet you my last dollar “I’ve been busy” will come up in some form or fashion. When talking about the date, someone is sure to say “how time flies”. Time has not changed. There are still 60 seconds in 1 minute, 60 minutes in 1 hour, 24 hours in 1 day, 7 days in 1 week and 52 weeks in 1 year.  So, what has changed? We have so many things vying for our attention and so much pressure to be the best in everything that we don’t realize that we are just passing time and watching it go by without us.  We have DVRs now where we can tape everything we ever thought we wanted to watch and watch them at our leisure. But, then the DVR gets full and you’re pressed to watch as many hours as possible or else another show won’t tape! So, now we’re in a never ending cycle of TV watching. We have cell phones, land lines, call-waiting, voice mails, emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, chat rooms, YouTube and a bunch of bookmarked articles to read on the ‘net from the links we clicked on while doing all of the aforementioned. We have demanding jobs, children, spouses/significant others, parents, friends, pets, hobbies, clubs, organizations, and more that need us. We have too much to live up to.

We are not living in the moment and truly experiencing life. We are “keeping busy.” Life is meant to be lived. I’ve intentionally scaled back so that I can experience life more. I began to get overwhelmed at everything coming at me and feel lost because there was no time for me. But, I had to make the time. I slowly began to incorporate meditation, daily journaling, prayer, exercise/yoga and healthier foods into my daily routine to make sure that I was taking care of me and having “ME-time”. It wasn’t so important anymore for me to troll Facebook and see what everyone was posting. It added no value to my life and I certainly didn’t get that time back that I wasted. I aim each day to use my time more wisely now.

By making sure that I’m “living in the moment”, I try to concentrate on the task at hand whatever it is. No more multitasking. It’s hard and it doesn’t always happen, but I try to be consciously aware of what I’m doing. This really helped me the last time I was on a road trip. I’m not normally one to drive more than 2 hours. The problem is that I’m so concerned with when I’m going to get to my destination that I’m so inpatient and hate the drive. But, on this last trip, I didn’t think about when I was due to arrive. I just concentrated on the drive and the moment. I appreciated what I was doing at that time. I didn’t plan out what time I should get home and what I was going to do after that. Let me tell you, it made a big difference! I drove for 4 hours and was not tired.  I was amazed at myself!

So, be sure that you aren’t just “keeping busy” with your life, but instead living it. Think about if something happened to you (God forbid), what would happen to your obligations? I will bet you that whatever you needed to do will still get done eventually…or not. The world will keep on turning. What will be different is you will be missed — not your tasks, duties, email responses or tv watching — but YOU.


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Choosing Your Life

Today I started to envision all of the wonderful things I want for my life and I got really excited. It felt so real, as if I already had these things. My stomach felt jittery (which is what happens when I get excited) and I had a real grin plastered on my face. This is one of the tenents in The Law of Attraction. You must envision and believe that what you want and desire can happen. Truthfully, thinking about the things that I desire and where I envision myself in the near future is one of my favorite past-times. It’s something that keeps me motivated and makes me strive harder to get there.

This brings me to the word CHOICE. Some people feel that life is hard and decision-signyou have to fight for what you want. I’ve never believed that and as a result, I’ve never had a hard life and have never had to fight for what I want. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve done some struggling based on the choices I made, but I won’t say my life was hard. We all have a choice to make in how we live our lives. Sometimes we make choices that aren’t ideal because we feel like we don’t have a choice. We always have a choice. It’s just that the other option may seem harder to do or it may be less popular. I would advise that you really think about how you feel about both choices — never mind which is easier or most popular. Go with the one that your gut (or intuition) is telling you is best. This will always lead to the right choice and over time, your right choices will build up and before you know it, you’re on a different path. Baby steps.


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Progess Update

to-doIt’s been 6 days and so far, so good. I’m making progress with my “schedule”. I haven’t done everything on every day, but I’m taking baby steps. Trying to accomplish everything at once is one reason why I would start something and not finish it. I would be overwhelmed. When I start something, I like to go all-in, full-force, so this is new. This is better though because I can get used to doing a few things first before incorporating more into the routine.

Since I’m doing this 6-day check-up, I think I’ll consider how often I’ll actually post my progress and what has transpired since that time. That would probably be beneficial instead of saving everything until the end of the experiment. I think I’ll do a 30-day progress report, quarterly reports and the final year wrap-up, for a total of five. That should be sufficient.  That means I’ll need to post progress reports on  June 24, 2013, August 24, 103, November 24, 2013, February 24, 2014 and May 24, 2014. This makes it even more official! Can you tell I used to work for Corporate America? I’m putting myself on a review schedule! LOL. But, this is one in which I look forward to.

I know I’ll have things to report because I already feel a change over me. It’s funny how when you shift your thought processes into a different direction, then a different awareness and different ideas come into your head. That sounds so logical when I type it, but it’s truly something you have to be mindful of. A good example is if things haven’t been going your way for a while then your mindset is going to lean more pessimistic. You may try to insert some optimism in your thoughts when you think about it, but based on the amount of disappointments and setbacks you may have had, it’s hard for that to be your first inclination. So, if you’re trying to think of ways to get yourself out of the hole you’re in, all of your ideas and thoughts will probably not vary much from any of your other ideas in the past. However, if you are able to stay conscious of pessimistic thoughts and keep them at bay, even when struggling, then when you’re thinking of ways to get yourself out of the hole you may be surprised at what ideas may pop in your head!


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Words Have Power!

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!” 

Remember that? Our mothers meant well when they told us that. It was meant to protect us from bullies or others taunting us. It was meant to let us know that even though things like sticks and stones could hurt us physically, words could not hurt us mentally. But that is so untrue. As adults, we now know the power of words and how they can be used to uplift or destroy. Words have the power to incite riots or wars or produce peace and love. We all know this. But, what really got me thinking about this was the YouTube video I received in my email.

This video is about an experiment done with RICE to show the affect our words and positive energy have. (Yes, I said rice). Now, if this happens with rice, can you imagine the effects that we have on people, and especially children? The clip is below, but here are my thoughts:

  1. We can make all the difference in a child’s life by just paying attention to them.
  2. We can make an even bigger difference in a child’s life by paying attention to them AND showering them with love and positive energy. No name calling, no chastising and no making them feel less than what they are.
  3. We can make all the difference in an adult’s life by listening to them.
  4. We can make an even bigger difference in an adult’s life by listening to them AND showing them respect and kindness. No name calling, no chastising, , and no making them feel less than what they are.

I think I’ll conduct a similar experiment in the near future and share my results with you. In the meantime, if you don’t have anything nice to say, say something nice anyway! What are your thoughts on this video?




Happy Memorial Day! I didn’t want this day to go by without giving gratitude.

  1. I am grateful for waking up this morning!
  2. I am grateful for the troops that have lost their lives, limbs, or sanity so that our country can continue to have freedom.
  3. I am grateful for being an American where I have the freedom to express myself without fear or penalty.
  4. I am grateful for family and friends who love me.
  5. I am grateful for having food to eat and share.
  6. I am grateful for those farmers that grew the food.
  7. I am grateful for the truck drivers who transported the food from farm to store.
  8. I am grateful for being awakened to this soul journey.
  9. I am grateful for my creative mind.
  10. I am grateful for the readers of this blog!


Tools to Succeed

booksToday I woke up and my ego almost got the best of me. It’s the 3rd day and I asked myself “what in the hell are you doing?” Now that I have this blog and all of the other social media components up and running, I felt like “now what?” When starting this experiment, I knew that I would need to do certain things in order to succeed: pray, meditate, recite affirmations, read encouraging works, surround myself with successful people, etc., but I had no formal method for achieving any of it. One thing that I realized about myself from the many, many, many interviews I’ve had, is that I need structure. It’s funny because I’ve always thought of myself as a carefree person, which I am, but in order to learn something I need processes and procedures. I need checklists, books, workbooks, everything! It lets me know that I’m following a plan and it gives me something to look forward to doing each day in accomplishing my goals. Without any of this, I would wake up in the morning wondering what should I do next? And trying to remember all that I did on yesterday.

I already have a vision board that I created in the new year. I’m really good at creating goals at the beginning of each year and working towards them. I guess because I’m a checklist kind of person. I’ve been doing that, on paper, for as long as I can remember…at least most of my adult life. I started incorporating a vision board just last year and it truly made a big difference. There were no mantras or quotes to say along with it. It just hung on the back of my closet door because I knew I would see it every day there. The closet is also where I practice my meditation because it’s the only quiet, dark, space that I have that’s private. It’s big enough to hold a rug in the middle (that I actually got from Morocco). I have a picture of a praying woman in there and my vision board on the back of the door. Just looking at the vision board must have made subtle shifts in my unconscious mind because when I reviewed it at the end of the year, I had accomplished a lot of those things without “trying”. I put trying in quotes because I didn’t actively look at it each day and say “today I’m going to work towards this goal.” But, I obviously worked towards those goals unconsciously. I took the necessary steps to achieve those goals without actively thinking about my vision board. I just did it.

So back to this experiment. I realized that I needed some templates or forms or something to use to ensure that I’m following a process or at least doing something productive at all times to ensure that I meet my goals. I created a template to follow and I’ll share those with you all at a later date. In the meantime, I’m excited again and feel that my path is more clear now.


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Awesomeness Fest 2013

I received an email from Lisa Nichols of Motivating the Masses for Awesomeness Fest 2013. This event sounds exciting. There are only a limited number of tickets available and you have to fill out a brief application at which time if they deem that worthy enough you’ll get a call and then they’ll make a determination if you are a good fit. I’m not going to lie that my first thought when I got it was, “I can’t afford this. I won’t be selected because I’m not known…heck, I just got this blog up and running.” But, then I had to stop myself. This event sounds awesome. I’d be able to meet the type of people who I want to surround myself with,  I’d learn so much and I have something to bring to the table as well. These are exactly the type of people that I aspire to be like. So, when I wrote in my personal journal that I’d like to attend I was hesitant about putting it on this blog. Why? Because I was afraid that if I put it out here and I don’t get selected then I would fail at my experiment. But, that’s the whole point of this experiment! I HAVE to put it out here and follow my own rules. If I don’t get selected or not at this point is irrelevant. I am just starting out and I need to at least be consistent on putting my goals out to the world and then take the steps necessary to achieve them.




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