Awesomeness Fest 2013

I received an email from Lisa Nichols of Motivating the Masses for Awesomeness Fest 2013. This event sounds exciting. There are only a limited number of tickets available and you have to fill out a brief application at which time if they deem that worthy enough you’ll get a call and then they’ll make a determination if you are a good fit. I’m not going to lie that my first thought when I got it was, “I can’t afford this. I won’t be selected because I’m not known…heck, I just got this blog up and running.” But, then I had to stop myself. This event sounds awesome. I’d be able to meet the type of people who I want to surround myself with,  I’d learn so much and I have something to bring to the table as well. These are exactly the type of people that I aspire to be like. So, when I wrote in my personal journal that I’d like to attend I was hesitant about putting it on this blog. Why? Because I was afraid that if I put it out here and I don’t get selected then I would fail at my experiment. But, that’s the whole point of this experiment! I HAVE to put it out here and follow my own rules. If I don’t get selected or not at this point is irrelevant. I am just starting out and I need to at least be consistent on putting my goals out to the world and then take the steps necessary to achieve them.




Image courtesy of Phil Thebault/

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