Tools to Succeed

booksToday I woke up and my ego almost got the best of me. It’s the 3rd day and I asked myself “what in the hell are you doing?” Now that I have this blog and all of the other social media components up and running, I felt like “now what?” When starting this experiment, I knew that I would need to do certain things in order to succeed: pray, meditate, recite affirmations, read encouraging works, surround myself with successful people, etc., but I had no formal method for achieving any of it. One thing that I realized about myself from the many, many, many interviews I’ve had, is that I need structure. It’s funny because I’ve always thought of myself as a carefree person, which I am, but in order to learn something I need processes and procedures. I need checklists, books, workbooks, everything! It lets me know that I’m following a plan and it gives me something to look forward to doing each day in accomplishing my goals. Without any of this, I would wake up in the morning wondering what should I do next? And trying to remember all that I did on yesterday.

I already have a vision board that I created in the new year. I’m really good at creating goals at the beginning of each year and working towards them. I guess because I’m a checklist kind of person. I’ve been doing that, on paper, for as long as I can remember…at least most of my adult life. I started incorporating a vision board just last year and it truly made a big difference. There were no mantras or quotes to say along with it. It just hung on the back of my closet door because I knew I would see it every day there. The closet is also where I practice my meditation because it’s the only quiet, dark, space that I have that’s private. It’s big enough to hold a rug in the middle (that I actually got from Morocco). I have a picture of a praying woman in there and my vision board on the back of the door. Just looking at the vision board must have made subtle shifts in my unconscious mind because when I reviewed it at the end of the year, I had accomplished a lot of those things without “trying”. I put trying in quotes because I didn’t actively look at it each day and say “today I’m going to work towards this goal.” But, I obviously worked towards those goals unconsciously. I took the necessary steps to achieve those goals without actively thinking about my vision board. I just did it.

So back to this experiment. I realized that I needed some templates or forms or something to use to ensure that I’m following a process or at least doing something productive at all times to ensure that I meet my goals. I created a template to follow and I’ll share those with you all at a later date. In the meantime, I’m excited again and feel that my path is more clear now.


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