Progess Update

to-doIt’s been 6 days and so far, so good. I’m making progress with my “schedule”. I haven’t done everything on every day, but I’m taking baby steps. Trying to accomplish everything at once is one reason why I would start something and not finish it. I would be overwhelmed. When I start something, I like to go all-in, full-force, so this is new. This is better though because I can get used to doing a few things first before incorporating more into the routine.

Since I’m doing this 6-day check-up, I think I’ll consider how often I’ll actually post my progress and what has transpired since that time. That would probably be beneficial instead of saving everything until the end of the experiment. I think I’ll do a 30-day progress report, quarterly reports and the final year wrap-up, for a total of five. That should be sufficient.  That means I’ll need to post progress reports on  June 24, 2013, August 24, 103, November 24, 2013, February 24, 2014 and May 24, 2014. This makes it even more official! Can you tell I used to work for Corporate America? I’m putting myself on a review schedule! LOL. But, this is one in which I look forward to.

I know I’ll have things to report because I already feel a change over me. It’s funny how when you shift your thought processes into a different direction, then a different awareness and different ideas come into your head. That sounds so logical when I type it, but it’s truly something you have to be mindful of. A good example is if things haven’t been going your way for a while then your mindset is going to lean more pessimistic. You may try to insert some optimism in your thoughts when you think about it, but based on the amount of disappointments and setbacks you may have had, it’s hard for that to be your first inclination. So, if you’re trying to think of ways to get yourself out of the hole you’re in, all of your ideas and thoughts will probably not vary much from any of your other ideas in the past. However, if you are able to stay conscious of pessimistic thoughts and keep them at bay, even when struggling, then when you’re thinking of ways to get yourself out of the hole you may be surprised at what ideas may pop in your head!


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