Are You Living Life or Keeping Busy?

ID-10050967If you happen to see someone you haven’t seen in a while and you ask them what they are up to, I bet you my last dollar “I’ve been busy” will come up in some form or fashion. When talking about the date, someone is sure to say “how time flies”. Time has not changed. There are still 60 seconds in 1 minute, 60 minutes in 1 hour, 24 hours in 1 day, 7 days in 1 week and 52 weeks in 1 year.  So, what has changed? We have so many things vying for our attention and so much pressure to be the best in everything that we don’t realize that we are just passing time and watching it go by without us.  We have DVRs now where we can tape everything we ever thought we wanted to watch and watch them at our leisure. But, then the DVR gets full and you’re pressed to watch as many hours as possible or else another show won’t tape! So, now we’re in a never ending cycle of TV watching. We have cell phones, land lines, call-waiting, voice mails, emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, chat rooms, YouTube and a bunch of bookmarked articles to read on the ‘net from the links we clicked on while doing all of the aforementioned. We have demanding jobs, children, spouses/significant others, parents, friends, pets, hobbies, clubs, organizations, and more that need us. We have too much to live up to.

We are not living in the moment and truly experiencing life. We are “keeping busy.” Life is meant to be lived. I’ve intentionally scaled back so that I can experience life more. I began to get overwhelmed at everything coming at me and feel lost because there was no time for me. But, I had to make the time. I slowly began to incorporate meditation, daily journaling, prayer, exercise/yoga and healthier foods into my daily routine to make sure that I was taking care of me and having “ME-time”. It wasn’t so important anymore for me to troll Facebook and see what everyone was posting. It added no value to my life and I certainly didn’t get that time back that I wasted. I aim each day to use my time more wisely now.

By making sure that I’m “living in the moment”, I try to concentrate on the task at hand whatever it is. No more multitasking. It’s hard and it doesn’t always happen, but I try to be consciously aware of what I’m doing. This really helped me the last time I was on a road trip. I’m not normally one to drive more than 2 hours. The problem is that I’m so concerned with when I’m going to get to my destination that I’m so inpatient and hate the drive. But, on this last trip, I didn’t think about when I was due to arrive. I just concentrated on the drive and the moment. I appreciated what I was doing at that time. I didn’t plan out what time I should get home and what I was going to do after that. Let me tell you, it made a big difference! I drove for 4 hours and was not tired.  I was amazed at myself!

So, be sure that you aren’t just “keeping busy” with your life, but instead living it. Think about if something happened to you (God forbid), what would happen to your obligations? I will bet you that whatever you needed to do will still get done eventually…or not. The world will keep on turning. What will be different is you will be missed — not your tasks, duties, email responses or tv watching — but YOU.


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4 thoughts on “Are You Living Life or Keeping Busy?

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