My Natural Journey

In my quest to better myself and be the ME I am meant to be, I’ve also decided to live as natural a lifestyle as possible. In terms of food, I’ve always leaned more on the healthy side so that wasn’t a huge deal. When I wanted to lose weight last year, I tried JJ Smith’s Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out plan. It worked well. The reason I chose that one over the other zillion diets out there was because I was still eating real food. And, food that was healthy for me. It is a 3-week detox and a strict vegan diet. The main principles to follow are:

  1. No white carbs
  2. No alcohol
  3. No caffeine
  4. No sugar
  5. No dairy
  6. No meat

There you go. I just gave you the information FOR FREE. Now you don’t have to buy the book although I would still recommend it. It also suggests supplements, additional fiber and a green powder (like Wheat Grass).  I did it for 6 weeks and once I completed that, it gave me a great foundation to use going forward when grocery shopping or eating out. So, eating more natural food…check!

curly_pic_nosmileIt just occurred to me this year that I should also expand my natural living to include everything. Right now, I am focusing on my body and that means skin care products and my hair. As for my skin care products, I am experimenting with various natural facial and body cleansers and different oils or body butters for moisturizing. I’ll do a blog and video in detail about those later. As an African-American woman, I have decided to transition from a relaxer in my hair to my natural hair state. (For all of you non AA’s, this means that instead of using a chemical in my hair to straighten it every 8-12 weeks, I am going to leave it in it’s curly state.) 🙂 My last relaxer was March 7, 2013 and I’m just at the point where I would’ve gotten another relaxer by now. I went to my hair dresser and she washed it, deep conditioned it and put it in a spiral roller set for me. The result was great! It was cheaper too! I’ll have to make sure that I visit her often. I will post more about this as well as create video blogs with my experiences and product testing as well.

I’m really excited about this journey. As you can see everything is intertwined when you are striving to be the ultimate YOU. And, it’s all very exciting. Until next time…



4 thoughts on “My Natural Journey

  1. Hi Candice – I stumbled across your blog while surfing the net. We seem to be on eerily similar journeys. I am also trying to eat more whole foods. I had my last touchup in March as well, and am considering going natural. And to top it all off, my family will have its reunion in New Orleans this year, too! I support you in your journey, and hope to hear more from you.

    • Thank you for your support! I’m realizing by doing this that I’m able to connect with others on my same journey no matter where in the world they are. It’s actually pretty cool. Keep reading and let me know how your natural journey goes as well.

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