I am living a fearless life! One thing I am learning is that fear is not real. It is a figment of your imagination. True, it may seem real.  But, to a paranoid schizophrenic, all of those people talking to him are real. To a 3 year old who is scared of the monster under the bed, it seems real.  For the woman who is constantly complaining of being broke, and thereby is always broke, that is real for her. The point is that we shape our own realities. Would you want your reality to be full of fear or bliss? Well, I opt for bliss!


One of the You Tube channels I follow is Shameless Maya. (I love her energy and passion!) Her whole purpose is shamelessly (or fearlessly) putting herself out there to combat her insecurities. This is from her About page: What would happen if I shamelessly promoted myself for 365 days?. Go watch my first video. It came about from my insecurities of putting myself out there. I find self-promotion cheesy, corny, and tacky but I’m noticing a LOT of people promoting themselves, celebrating their gifts and here I am hiding in my turtle shell. So before I say farewell to this world, I’d like to annihilate this mental “block” and celebrate the beauty of life with my many hidden gifts and talents, meet some new like-minded people and to do that i must #BESHAMELESS. I’m excited to find out where this journey will take me.

Here is a video where she talks about fear and questions why you are afraid. What are you afraid of?



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