ID-1005481What do you define as success? A lot of people would probably say that having a lot of money is success. I beg to differ. I would say that money is a means to an end. Money can help make your life comfortable and allow you to do more in the world. But even if you don’t have money, success can be having a loving significant other, child(ren), and a comfortable home. I am very successful in that regard and I am very grateful for it because I know there are plenty of people that don’t have it and long for it. But, I want more out of life. I want what I have and then some.

How many of you truly believe that you can manifest the life you want? I bet a lot of you believe it, but don’t really think it can happen to you. Why? Because if you truly believed it you would be doing something about it. I was that person too. I’ve always had big dreams and this life of doing everything I love, but the only problem was that my 9-5 got in the way. How am I supposed to do everything that I want to do when I have to go into a cubicle 5 days out of 7? And sometimes I even had to work after 5pm and weekends! This was not what I signed up for. I thought about how some people work for 50 years and retire and only then can they enjoy life. I’m not knocking what anybody else is doing, but that is not for me.

My successful life is owning several businesses so that I can have multiple streams of income, a home in St. Thomas, a cabin in the Smoky Mountains, being able to shop & dine  without worry of a budget, being able to travel at a whim, having the time to spend with my children whenever, a big beautiful home that has everything I need in it (cooks gourmet kitchen with a salad bar, gym, meditation/massage room, theater room, library, office, play room, etc.), and having like-minded, wealthy, successful friends. Among my businesses would be a non-profit that helps underprivileged children and allows them to travel, see the world, and expand their mind. I would also give back to my community and city and to others that need help. To whom much is given, much is required. That is my desire and that is my goal which I will attain.

How many are you with me? What do you consider success?


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