1-Month Progress Update

30-DAY-GOALS1-1024x976It’s been one month since I started this journey and it’s been eye opening. For starters, today — my one month mark — I got a freelance writing gig as an Atlanta Culinary Travel writer. As you know, this combines my love of food and love of travel. I’m already a travel agent so this is a nice complement. I’m so excited and happy about this. This is a great example of setting forth a vision and making strides to get there. When I started this, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to end up but I knew my passion areas. Through this blog, I figure that I’ll be able to define my path along the way. This writing gig is a great first step!

I’ve learned so much about myself in one month, which is priceless. I could have paid a life coach to help me get to these insights about myself, but because I am on a mission to follow my passions this has led me to do some deep soul searching for free. Between writing in this blog almost daily, journaling, and meditating, I have realized things about myself that I need to change if I am to move forward successfully. I can’t continue to do the same things expecting different results. We all know that is the definition of insanity. But, I didn’t know I was insane. I thought it was everyone else.

We all know someone who visibly needs to change their ways because everyone knows about their issues. It’s easy to  spot that person and judge them based on their actions. I’m sure I was right there judging with everyone else.  It’s especially easy to do this with celebrities. I knew I wasn’t perfect, but I also knew that I didn’t have their issues. At the same time, I also knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life. I knew that I was meant for more. To someone from the outside looking in, it may seem like I have it all but, I wasn’t being true to myself. Being truthful about who we are, what we expect out of life and then taking the action to get there is imperative to living a happy life.

I was listening to some motivational speaker (and I apologize that I don’t remember which one because I listen to A LOT), and they interviewed 100 residents at a nursing home and asked them what was their biggest regret. 100% of them said that they wished they took more chances and lived the life they wanted instead of doing what others expected of them. That hit me like a ton of bricks! I’ve lived my whole life based on other people’s expectations and what I felt like I had to present to the world. But no more! From now on it’s living on my own terms. When I live in my truth, only then will true success come my way.

I can’t wait to post my 3 month update as I know that even more than I could possibly imagine will come my way. LOOK OUT LIFE, HERE I COME!


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6 thoughts on “1-Month Progress Update

  1. Wow. This is wonderful news and congratulations. I really want to say “I knew it” but I won’t, lol. And yes I too can’t wait to see your 3 month update. This is enlightening for us all as far as what can happen when you stay true to yourself. Thanks for taking us along on your journey.

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