Your Ego

Do you know a couple where one does all of the talking and the other one just sits quietly? Initially, the “talker” may seem very smart, confident and like an all around great guy until you really start to listen. He sounds like he is just talking to hear himself speak. He grabs attention because he is loud. He spouts the latest news headlines and repeats popular news pundits as if those thoughts are his own.

Then you speak to the “quiet” one. The quiet one doesn’t garner a lot of attention by virtue of being quiet, but when you listen to her speak you are amazed by the wisdom that comes forth. The quiet one is very introspective, knowledgeable about many topics and has an opinion of her own. She is thoughtful, kind and loving.

ID-10088140Think of the “talker” as your ego and the “quiet one” as your spirit. Your ego is very loud, commands all of the attention and is very narcissistic. Ego thrives on attention and has a “what’s in it for me” mentality. Ego will help you, but only if there is something in it for them. Your spirit is quiet and subtle, waiting patiently for ego to shut up and listen. If you silence your ego for awhile, you will be surprised at the wisdom that your spirit speaks. While your ego may fool you into thinking it has your best interest at heart, it can be selfish. Your spirit on the other hand always has your best interest at heart without thought of wanting something in return. Your spirit knows that by helping others, you get rewarded in the end.

While our egos are a good thing to help us relate to the world we live in, we often let our ego take over our spirit and do all of the talking. Let’s flip flop that and have spirit be our representative instead of ego. Try to practice being consciously aware of who’s doing the talking for you. Is it your ego or your spirit?


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