3 Success Stories

I had a meeting with three other ladies last night and they all told me that my blog has inspired them to take charge of their life! How awesome is that??? That is so great to hear. Sometimes when I’m creating these posts and I think I’ve just said some profound things, I hit publish and then…nothing. No likes, no comments, just crickets. But, now I know that doesn’t mean anything. Even I read several blogs and don’t always find the time to comment. I do try to click like, but if I have to log in and do it I may not. You know how impatient we are! I say all of that to say that these women motivated me to keep doing what I’m doing. If I motivated every single one of them, I can only imagine how I’m affecting others.

  1. One of them quit her job she hated. She realized that working long hours and even nights was not worth the income. (See her own story on Testimonials page)
  2. The other stopped procrastinating about filling out an application to attend a prestigious school where only 10% get accepted. After being motivated, she went ahead and filled it out and guess what? She got accepted!  (See her own story on Testimonials page)
  3. The third person made changes to her diet that she had been avoiding for awhile in a serious effort to lose weight. We know how hard that can be. To find motivation from my blog to take that big step is beyond thrilling! (I’ll have her own story for the testimonial page soon.)

I’m adding these to my newly created page, Testimonials. Please share with me if any of you have been motivated to do something as a result of reading my blog. I would love to hear it! I will post it on my Testimonials page.



2 thoughts on “3 Success Stories

  1. Great work, keep going at it! Like you have mentioned, that sometimes you do not get the feedback on a post you’ve published, but many times, as you related your own experience of getting something from a post, but do not have time to comment. It’s the same with preaching a sermon. I can attest to that. You might not receive a lot of “Amen,” but people were listening intently enough, that they couldn’t even open their mouths. Funny, but it’s true!

    • Thanks Minister Gertrude! I’m sure ministers get that a lot. As long as I get feedback from time to time that lets me know I’m making a difference that’s ok by me!

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