Vacation and Routines


ID-100157783It’s been a little over a week since I last posted, which seems like an eternity since my personal goal is to blog at least 4 times a week. But, I’ve been on vacation. And I must admit that when I go on vacation it’s like all bets are off. I had this mentality that when I go on vacation then I not only get to relax my mind, but I get to relax everything and that means no routines. For someone who is striving to be consistent with daily practices – meditating, journaling, praying – then not following a routine is detrimental to my progress.

I did bring my journal, my daily devotionals book and my iPod with some meditative soundtracks on it, but out of the 5 days I only journaled once, meditated twice and read the daily devotional on one day.

The whole “on vacation, off life” mentality stems from working a 9-5 that I didn’t love so when vacation time came, I vowed to do everything that I did love, not adhere to any routines, have fun and just enjoy life! I lived my life as two different people then. There was “Work Candice” and “After-Work Candice”. Work Candice was professional, conservative, somewhat subdued and all about business. After-Work Candice was a fun, outgoing person who enjoyed good food, good drinks and good friends. I must admit that I was the life of many a party. I’ve even been called “the party starter”. If there was fun involved, After-Work Candice was there and probably organizing it. People that knew “Work Candice” had no clue about “After-Work Candice”.

Given my new direction, I will need to merge the two Candice’s together as one Candice and make sure that I practice my daily routines wherever I am. These routines need to become a part of me and not just something I do on weekdays. I also need to make sure that I am being a “whole me” at all times. I understand that there is a time and place for everything so rest assured that “After-Work Candice” won’t be showing up in a business setting.  But, I will make sure that people get to know Candice, the whole person, and I will also stay true to my destiny even when I’m on vacation.

Do you stay true to your routines when you’re on vacation or do you use that as a time to get away from life?


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3 thoughts on “Vacation and Routines

  1. I think you bring up a very interesting conversation. I too had a “Work Me” and an “After-Work Me” and although I wasn’t too crazy, believe me, the “After-Work Me” did not need to be showing up at the job. This post has made me look at the various “masks” we wear according to what situation we are in, or who we are with. I mean the person I am in front of my parents is definitely a little different to the person I am in front of my friends etc. Are “masks” necessary for our survival? It feels like something that’s built into our psyche as it’s something we do and change so naturally without giving it any thought whatsoever. Also, hope you had a great vacation…I wondered what had happened to my updates, lol.

    • I think we have to have some sort of filter for various situations, but it seems that those people who remain themselves at all costs are “X”. I don’t really know what to call “X”. I kind of want to say respected, but just because you have a filter doesn’t mean you can’t be respected. I’m thinking of someone like Nene Leakes. You either love her or hate her but you know who she is at all times. I can respect that although I’m not fond of her character sometimes. BUT, I know who I’m getting at any given hour.

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