You Are The Result of Results

Hey everyone!
I know it’s been longer than a minute since I’ve posted, but with good reason. Besides all of the other things I have going on that I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been hit with a major life changing event that I’ve had to deal with. I will let you all know about that in due time, but I figured I could at least re-post any posts from other bloggers that I deem helpful and enriching to my blog. Make today a worthy day!

The Better Man Project ™

There is truth to be found in being lost. If you listen hard you will be able to hear things you’ve never heard before. When things are going strong, life is easy. You can step on the gas and go a little bit faster. But when you come to a screeching halt, pull off the road, and get out of the car to walk around a little bit…that’s when things can get pretty interesting. Those are the moments when you really need to listen to what is going on inside.

Sometimes you have to disconnect. We live in a very busy world. There is a ton of information, massive amounts of media, and opportunities to forget what truly matter in this life (at least from what I’ve found). Sitting down and connecting with others and talking about things in real life has become more and more rare. Being able to…

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