My Goals

On this page I’ll post my goals that I’m working to achieve by the end of one year, which will be May 24, 2014. I’ll add as necessary.

  1. 100,000+ subscribers
  2. Become who I’m meant to be. (I will make this more definitive as I continue on my journey. At this point, I’m not 100% clear.)
  3. Attend Awesomeness Fest 2013 in November 2013.
  4. Have certain influential people that I’d like to meet, reach out to me based on what I’m doing.
  5. Make #payitforwardfriday a movement.

Post-one year goal

  • Create a foundation for underprivileged children that exposes them to travel. I firmly believe that travel will open their mind and expand their world. With this new exposure, they will have bigger goals and dreams to aspire to. They will see that there is more to life than their neighborhood and as such, their actions will follow.

6/3/13 – I just finished reading my June issue of O and had to post this quote from Oprah – “Whatever our dreams, ideas, or projects, we plant a seed, nurture it and then reap the fruits of our labors.”

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