Quarter One Update – Pt. 2

So this post is long overdue. I teased you all on my original post about how great things are happening  for me and how my journey is proving successful and then I left you hanging! Well, I’d like to finally formally announce my new path in life. They are two-fold and complement each other while at the same time honoring all of my passions! Isn’t it amazing how everything comes together?

First, I am currently in school to become a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH. Secondly, I  am now a CERTIFIED WELLNESS & MEDICAL TRAVEL SPECIALIST.  In the about section of my blog, I talk about how “this blog will showcase my commitment to pursuing my passions and seeing what manifests over the course of a year. The topics on my blog are what I’m most passionate about — Travel (mind), Food & Nutrition (body), and Spirituality (soul).” Let me tackle each of these passionate areas to discuss how my faith journey is manifesting exactly what I requested.

Travel – I am already a Certified Travel Agent and have been for a few years. But, with my new certification I have a niche that will complement my health coaching business. The idea behind that is to plan wellness retreats for my health coaching business, help others plan spa and wellness vacations, and work with individuals interested in taking trips for medical purposes. This last part, medical travel, is becoming very popular and with the state of our health insurance in the USA, it is becoming a viable option in order to get medical procedures done at a reasonable cost. Major companies such as Walmart, Pepsico and Lowe’s already offer it to their employees as part of their health benefit.

Food & Nutrition – Food has been a passion of mine forever. I’ve always loved GOOD food. I can go into a Whole Foods or a specialty food gourmet store and linger for hours. I’m an avid ingredient reader and make sure that the majority of the food that I purchase and consume is healthy. Becoming a health coach would allow me to help others in their quest to be healthy. The program I am going through actually teaches Integrative Nutrition meaning it’s more than just the food you eat. To be completely healthy you’ll need to also look at other aspects of your life — your career, your physical activity level, your spiritual life, your relationships — to ensure that your whole self is well. It definitely takes a holistic approach to wellness. In case you are interested in learning more for yourself, see Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Spirituality – Even though the health coaching’s focus is on wellness, spirituality plays a role in your well being so I would be helping others with that. But, this blog has always been a platform for me to help others in a spiritual sense. I’m not talking about any religion or certain rules that you should follow. I’m talking about looking within yourself and following your intuition and being the best “you” that you can be. I’m talking about taking charge of your life and having gratitude along the way. I’m talking about attracting more of what you want and distancing yourself from what you don’t. Realize your worth and what you have to offer to this world to make it a better place.

So, as you can see it is all starting to come together. When I started this blog on May 24, 2013 I didn’t know what my next career move would be. I just knew that the direction I was going in wasn’t it. I only knew what I loved and what I was passionate about so I immersed myself in those things and started actively doing those things. I spent more time doing and less time hoping. It is so awesome how the universe aligns and works to give you exactly what you want and need once you put your mind to it and take the initiative.

I can’t wait to share what may manifest at my six month update!


Random Uplifting Message

Yesterday, I received another boost of confidence that let me know that I’m headed in the right direction with what I’m doing. A friend told me that my blog keeps her inspired and she loves to see me taking action and doing my thing. This is the same kind of admiration I have for those that I see taking action and doing their thing. I used to read about them in my cubicle at work or see them on TV and I’d be in awe at how they are so happy and motivated at what they do, with no regrets. I used to think that it wasn’t possible for me. I mistakenly thought that true happiness and being able to lead the life you want was only reserved for certain people. I was so wrong. So for someone to tell me that I’m inspiring them and they love to see me taking action and doing my thing means that I’m doing the same thing as those people I admire and I’m on the right track! THAT.IS.AWESOME!!!

ID-10020201When I started this blog, I knew that I pretty much had to just do it. I had to be the change I wanted to see. I couldn’t wait on someone else and try to ride on their coat tails and live in their shadow. I had to be great on my own. If I wanted to make any progress towards my dreams then I had to put one foot in front of the other and not worry about the end goal, but enjoy the journey. I didn’t define exactly what I wanted to do but instead listed several passion areas of mine. I figured if I concentrated on those three things then I would see what bubbles up to the top. If nothing else, I’m doing things that I love. I have no time restrictions, no rules, and no glass ceiling. Instead, I have unlimited time, unlimited freedom and a whole unlimited universe. The possibilities are endless. Life is great, I must say. I’m loving it right about now. I have seen my faith work during this process. What I’ve asked for, I’ve received. I’m still learning though. One thing I have to learn is to be specific and fine tune what I want. This will go a long way.

I see now when people say “do what you love and the money will come.” Doing what you love allows you to put your all into what you are doing. When you put your all into what you are doing, you are creating a quality product/service. When you create a quality product/service, people will buy. See how I just laid out that formula in three easy steps? Trust me when I say you can do this too. If I can do it, you can too. That’s the whole point of this experiment. But, stay tuned for my 3-month check-in on August 24th. I’m excited myself about what will transpire by then!

Anyway, this post is sort of a rambling about what’s going on with me right now based on the compliment I received on yesterday. Please let me know if I’ve touched your life in any way even if it’s just making you smile! Take care and God bless!


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Vacation and Routines


ID-100157783It’s been a little over a week since I last posted, which seems like an eternity since my personal goal is to blog at least 4 times a week. But, I’ve been on vacation. And I must admit that when I go on vacation it’s like all bets are off. I had this mentality that when I go on vacation then I not only get to relax my mind, but I get to relax everything and that means no routines. For someone who is striving to be consistent with daily practices – meditating, journaling, praying – then not following a routine is detrimental to my progress.

I did bring my journal, my daily devotionals book and my iPod with some meditative soundtracks on it, but out of the 5 days I only journaled once, meditated twice and read the daily devotional on one day.

The whole “on vacation, off life” mentality stems from working a 9-5 that I didn’t love so when vacation time came, I vowed to do everything that I did love, not adhere to any routines, have fun and just enjoy life! I lived my life as two different people then. There was “Work Candice” and “After-Work Candice”. Work Candice was professional, conservative, somewhat subdued and all about business. After-Work Candice was a fun, outgoing person who enjoyed good food, good drinks and good friends. I must admit that I was the life of many a party. I’ve even been called “the party starter”. If there was fun involved, After-Work Candice was there and probably organizing it. People that knew “Work Candice” had no clue about “After-Work Candice”.

Given my new direction, I will need to merge the two Candice’s together as one Candice and make sure that I practice my daily routines wherever I am. These routines need to become a part of me and not just something I do on weekdays. I also need to make sure that I am being a “whole me” at all times. I understand that there is a time and place for everything so rest assured that “After-Work Candice” won’t be showing up in a business setting.  But, I will make sure that people get to know Candice, the whole person, and I will also stay true to my destiny even when I’m on vacation.

Do you stay true to your routines when you’re on vacation or do you use that as a time to get away from life?


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Progess Update

to-doIt’s been 6 days and so far, so good. I’m making progress with my “schedule”. I haven’t done everything on every day, but I’m taking baby steps. Trying to accomplish everything at once is one reason why I would start something and not finish it. I would be overwhelmed. When I start something, I like to go all-in, full-force, so this is new. This is better though because I can get used to doing a few things first before incorporating more into the routine.

Since I’m doing this 6-day check-up, I think I’ll consider how often I’ll actually post my progress and what has transpired since that time. That would probably be beneficial instead of saving everything until the end of the experiment. I think I’ll do a 30-day progress report, quarterly reports and the final year wrap-up, for a total of five. That should be sufficient.  That means I’ll need to post progress reports on  June 24, 2013, August 24, 103, November 24, 2013, February 24, 2014 and May 24, 2014. This makes it even more official! Can you tell I used to work for Corporate America? I’m putting myself on a review schedule! LOL. But, this is one in which I look forward to.

I know I’ll have things to report because I already feel a change over me. It’s funny how when you shift your thought processes into a different direction, then a different awareness and different ideas come into your head. That sounds so logical when I type it, but it’s truly something you have to be mindful of. A good example is if things haven’t been going your way for a while then your mindset is going to lean more pessimistic. You may try to insert some optimism in your thoughts when you think about it, but based on the amount of disappointments and setbacks you may have had, it’s hard for that to be your first inclination. So, if you’re trying to think of ways to get yourself out of the hole you’re in, all of your ideas and thoughts will probably not vary much from any of your other ideas in the past. However, if you are able to stay conscious of pessimistic thoughts and keep them at bay, even when struggling, then when you’re thinking of ways to get yourself out of the hole you may be surprised at what ideas may pop in your head!


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