I’m Still Here. What Are You Doing?

[Taps mic]  “Is this thing on?”

I’m still here! I know my posts have been few and far in between in comparison to the good ‘ol days when I first started writing, but so much has transpired since then that my time is more limited now. When I first started this blog I was truly trying to find my way and figure out my next move in life! I was dead serious about making sure that I follow my passions and find a career that would suit me in that regard. Every post (nearly every day) was a post to keep me uplifted and focused whether it be giving you spiritual food for thought or posting recipes or talking about travel. I was just “doing me” knowing in faith that things will work out. Well, they did!

Now I’m in school studying to be a Health Coach, but I’m also diligently working my travel business, among other things. I’m learning a lot about marketing and social media so that I can be a force to be reckoned with one day. And I’m networking and meeting new people — potential business partners and friends — so that I can surround myself with others that will encourage me to be the super successful person I was meant to be. After all, if I am the average of the five people that I hang around with the most then I need to get on the ball. I’ve been spending a lot of time with 2 and 3 year olds! LOL.

But seriously, have you heard that expression from Jim Rohn before?

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

ID-10054136Take a moment and think about that. Who do you spend most of your time with? Are they encouraging you to be the BEST YOU that you can be either by their words (encouraging) or by their actions (them already being successful)? Or do you and your friends just talk about reality TV or trivial things and hang out partying all the time? That’s fine here and there, but is that all you really want out of life? Is that the highest expectation you have of your friends? Don’t you have a desire to do more or be surrounded by those that inspire you? I’m not trying to judge you if that’s what you want to do, but seriously think about it. I think you want more for yourself. You were put on this earth to do great things. And by great things, I don’t mean that you have to become famous. Helping others is a great thing. Giving your time to worthy causes are a great thing. Finding your passion and doing it is an excellent thing. I’m just saying don’t let life pass you by. You don’t want to grow old and have regrets. Let me put it this way. If you died today, what would be your proudest accomplishment? What would you have written in your obituary? Is that OK by you? Think about that . I’ll wait…

Steve Jobs sums it up best when he gave the commencement speech at Stanford in 2005. Check it out for yourself. Let it digest and then let me know what your obituary would say.


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Random Uplifting Message

Yesterday, I received another boost of confidence that let me know that I’m headed in the right direction with what I’m doing. A friend told me that my blog keeps her inspired and she loves to see me taking action and doing my thing. This is the same kind of admiration I have for those that I see taking action and doing their thing. I used to read about them in my cubicle at work or see them on TV and I’d be in awe at how they are so happy and motivated at what they do, with no regrets. I used to think that it wasn’t possible for me. I mistakenly thought that true happiness and being able to lead the life you want was only reserved for certain people. I was so wrong. So for someone to tell me that I’m inspiring them and they love to see me taking action and doing my thing means that I’m doing the same thing as those people I admire and I’m on the right track! THAT.IS.AWESOME!!!

ID-10020201When I started this blog, I knew that I pretty much had to just do it. I had to be the change I wanted to see. I couldn’t wait on someone else and try to ride on their coat tails and live in their shadow. I had to be great on my own. If I wanted to make any progress towards my dreams then I had to put one foot in front of the other and not worry about the end goal, but enjoy the journey. I didn’t define exactly what I wanted to do but instead listed several passion areas of mine. I figured if I concentrated on those three things then I would see what bubbles up to the top. If nothing else, I’m doing things that I love. I have no time restrictions, no rules, and no glass ceiling. Instead, I have unlimited time, unlimited freedom and a whole unlimited universe. The possibilities are endless. Life is great, I must say. I’m loving it right about now. I have seen my faith work during this process. What I’ve asked for, I’ve received. I’m still learning though. One thing I have to learn is to be specific and fine tune what I want. This will go a long way.

I see now when people say “do what you love and the money will come.” Doing what you love allows you to put your all into what you are doing. When you put your all into what you are doing, you are creating a quality product/service. When you create a quality product/service, people will buy. See how I just laid out that formula in three easy steps? Trust me when I say you can do this too. If I can do it, you can too. That’s the whole point of this experiment. But, stay tuned for my 3-month check-in on August 24th. I’m excited myself about what will transpire by then!

Anyway, this post is sort of a rambling about what’s going on with me right now based on the compliment I received on yesterday. Please let me know if I’ve touched your life in any way even if it’s just making you smile! Take care and God bless!


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5 Ways to End Self-Sabotage

Do you set goals for yourself only to find yourself doing something that prevents you from reaching them? Do you wonder why you’re not one of those lucky people that become successful? You may be sabotaging your own success. Here are five ways you can end self-sabotage once and for all.


  1. Stop with the fear. All of us want to be successful, but how many of us are really prepared for it? We all think we would be, but something deep down inside may be telling you that you aren’t ready, which is why you subconsciously sabotage your chances at being successful. You may be fearful of the unknown. In reality, it is easier to go with what you know even if what you know isn’t all that great. At least you know how to act and respond while in that situation. But, you must get beyond that fearful thinking in order to be successful. What’s the worst that could happen? You get that much closer to your goal than where you were?
  2. Invest the proper time. Sometimes we set a goal without a plan to get there and think we’ll reach our goal miraculously without any effort. Or we procrastinate in doing what we need to do to meet these goals. Let’s be real. Meeting big goals and striving for success are not easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. We see the end results of successful people’s hard work and think we can achieve that same success overnight. The reality is that it doesn’t happen overnight. Successful people worked very hard at their craft for years before you even heard about them. So in order for you to reach your goals you must also put in the work. Be patient.
  3. Get in control of your emotions. If you are trying to lose weight, then you can sabotage your weight loss goals with emotional eating. If you are trying to stay out of a bad relationship, you can sabotage that by going back to that person when you start to feel lonely. If you don’t feel that you have the strength right now to get beyond whatever emotion you are feeling that is sabotaging your success, then find an alternative solution. If you are trying to lose weight, don’t keep junk food in the house. And instead of getting in your car and driving to the nearest fast food place, get in your car and drive to a park, put on your favorite music and headphones and walk around the track. Exercise will do wonders for your state of mind. If you are feeling lonely and want to go back to that person you shouldn’t be with, call a trusted friend and talk to them. Go to the movies with a friend or even by yourself or take a walk to clear your head. Just do something to stay busy so that you aren’t sitting around feeling sorry for yourself on the verge of making bad life choices.
  4. Understand your purpose. We are all put on this earth to do something great. You may go through the majority of your life not even understanding what yours is. But, by virtue of you reading this blog I’m sure you are starting to have an inkling that there must be something more to life. If you don’t understand that your job in this world is to contribute your unique talents then you may not feel that you are worthy to achieve success. This is something that you just have to trust me on. You are worthy and you are put here for a specific purpose. Figuring it out can come later, but just know that you have a purpose and you are worthy of success.
  5. Let go of control. Sometimes our need to try to control everything just puts us in our own way. While it is important to make a plan for success (see #2), we have to learn to also go with the flow. Have your plan in place, but if something goes awry then don’t just bail. You’ll need to alter your plan. The true path to success is never linear. It is crooked, zig-zagged, and looped. The key is to stay on it, no matter how trying it gets and try not to control it, but ride it.


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1-Month Progress Update

30-DAY-GOALS1-1024x976It’s been one month since I started this journey and it’s been eye opening. For starters, today — my one month mark — I got a freelance writing gig as an Atlanta Culinary Travel writer. As you know, this combines my love of food and love of travel. I’m already a travel agent so this is a nice complement. I’m so excited and happy about this. This is a great example of setting forth a vision and making strides to get there. When I started this, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to end up but I knew my passion areas. Through this blog, I figure that I’ll be able to define my path along the way. This writing gig is a great first step!

I’ve learned so much about myself in one month, which is priceless. I could have paid a life coach to help me get to these insights about myself, but because I am on a mission to follow my passions this has led me to do some deep soul searching for free. Between writing in this blog almost daily, journaling, and meditating, I have realized things about myself that I need to change if I am to move forward successfully. I can’t continue to do the same things expecting different results. We all know that is the definition of insanity. But, I didn’t know I was insane. I thought it was everyone else.

We all know someone who visibly needs to change their ways because everyone knows about their issues. It’s easy to  spot that person and judge them based on their actions. I’m sure I was right there judging with everyone else.  It’s especially easy to do this with celebrities. I knew I wasn’t perfect, but I also knew that I didn’t have their issues. At the same time, I also knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life. I knew that I was meant for more. To someone from the outside looking in, it may seem like I have it all but, I wasn’t being true to myself. Being truthful about who we are, what we expect out of life and then taking the action to get there is imperative to living a happy life.

I was listening to some motivational speaker (and I apologize that I don’t remember which one because I listen to A LOT), and they interviewed 100 residents at a nursing home and asked them what was their biggest regret. 100% of them said that they wished they took more chances and lived the life they wanted instead of doing what others expected of them. That hit me like a ton of bricks! I’ve lived my whole life based on other people’s expectations and what I felt like I had to present to the world. But no more! From now on it’s living on my own terms. When I live in my truth, only then will true success come my way.

I can’t wait to post my 3 month update as I know that even more than I could possibly imagine will come my way. LOOK OUT LIFE, HERE I COME!


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ID-1005481What do you define as success? A lot of people would probably say that having a lot of money is success. I beg to differ. I would say that money is a means to an end. Money can help make your life comfortable and allow you to do more in the world. But even if you don’t have money, success can be having a loving significant other, child(ren), and a comfortable home. I am very successful in that regard and I am very grateful for it because I know there are plenty of people that don’t have it and long for it. But, I want more out of life. I want what I have and then some.

How many of you truly believe that you can manifest the life you want? I bet a lot of you believe it, but don’t really think it can happen to you. Why? Because if you truly believed it you would be doing something about it. I was that person too. I’ve always had big dreams and this life of doing everything I love, but the only problem was that my 9-5 got in the way. How am I supposed to do everything that I want to do when I have to go into a cubicle 5 days out of 7? And sometimes I even had to work after 5pm and weekends! This was not what I signed up for. I thought about how some people work for 50 years and retire and only then can they enjoy life. I’m not knocking what anybody else is doing, but that is not for me.

My successful life is owning several businesses so that I can have multiple streams of income, a home in St. Thomas, a cabin in the Smoky Mountains, being able to shop & dine  without worry of a budget, being able to travel at a whim, having the time to spend with my children whenever, a big beautiful home that has everything I need in it (cooks gourmet kitchen with a salad bar, gym, meditation/massage room, theater room, library, office, play room, etc.), and having like-minded, wealthy, successful friends. Among my businesses would be a non-profit that helps underprivileged children and allows them to travel, see the world, and expand their mind. I would also give back to my community and city and to others that need help. To whom much is given, much is required. That is my desire and that is my goal which I will attain.

How many are you with me? What do you consider success?


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Lessons From a Junkie

I was looking at Judge Mathis today and a woman was suing her step-son for money. He was a heroin addict and had spent over $75,000 in less than a year’s time feeding his habit! $75,000!!! That is more than a lot of people make in a year. Shoot, even if you “make” $75,000, you aren’t bringing that home after taxes. I was astounded. What really got me to thinking was the fact that this man came up with the money he needed because he had to. His addiction was so strong that he lost his cars, home, and job and did whatever else to find money.

It’s funny how a physical addiction like that can make a person do whatever it takes to get what they want. They will do the unthinkable for their habit. Nothing is impossible for them.

  • No job? Doesn’t matter.
  • No money? It can be found.
  • No family or friends? There’s always somebody still holding out hope who will enable them.

ID-1005492Now let’s pretend that instead of this physical addiction he was chasing, it was a dream or goal. He had the same determination as a heroin addict to make sure he got what he wanted. With that kind of effort he would be almost guaranteed to succeed. But, do you think he would’ve risked $75,000 in less than 12 months to get to where he wanted to be in life? I highly doubt it. Why? Because when it comes to dreams and goals, these are things that people aspire to but they don’t always want to put in the work. I’m not saying you have to refinance your home or sell off your cars to attain your dream, although some people do. I’m saying that people usually don’t even put in the time needed to attain their dreams and goals.

Time is money. The time you spend on getting to where you want to be in life is just as valuable as actually spending money to help you get there. Just like you may spend money on classes or seminars to learn about a skill set or topic, you can also spend time each day reading, researching and learning more about your dreams.

A lot of people talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. It’s not easy, but nothing worthwhile is. It’s just harder for some of us to truly see the future and know that we can have whatever we want. That’s what a junkie can teach us. Nothing is impossible when you really want it bad! What’s your addiction?


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