“After reading your blog, I realized that I was living my life from day-to-day and not living in the moment doing what I love. I spent most of my days worried about deadlines and what I needed to get accomplished at work. After about a week of soul searching, I decided to leave my full time job in search of something less demanding. I finally realized that I can always find another job, but you only have one chance to be a parent. I’d rather make less money and spend more time with my children instead of running the rat race of corporate America.  Although I haven’t found my true passion in life, I have the joy in being a mother. As I begin to take more time for me, more time for my kids, and less stress, I’m certain that I will figure out what my true calling is. For right now, I’m happy with the decision I’ve made and stepped out on faith.”

Aleidra G., Marietta GA


“Well I quit corporate about 10 years ago and have been happily doing “my thing” ever since. I don’t know if it’s just my nature but every so often I have the need to switch gears, reinvent myself and try something new when I feel like I’ve totally exhausted a particular subject. I was on such a verge but this time in a way that would require me to go back to school in order to update my skills. I had filled out the lengthy application form for a somewhat exclusive intensive course that only accepts the top 10% of applicants and had been holding on to it with the plan of submitting by the end of the week. After discovering this blog and reading the first post I was fired up and inspired and hit the “Send” on the application that very day. After interviewing etc. I got in and have been on cloud 9 ever since.”

Lorraine P., London, England

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